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Когда выйдетfacebook paper на андроид и выступление мадонны на финале суперкубка

Jul 22, 2014 Wacom is expanding the scope of its Bamboo Paper app beyond iOS, making it available on Windows 8 and Android, both of the Google kind. Jul 21, 2014 Wacom's Bamboo Paper app has been a big hit on the iPad, and now it's out on Android tablets. This follows the release of the slimmed down. Our team is currently not large enough to focus on more than one platform, but we do appreciate knowing that the demand is out there.

Turn your Android tablet into a paper notebook and capture your ideas everywhere, anytime. Taking notes, sketching, and drawing is as straightforward and. Do more with your ideas – sketch or write them in an authentic paper-like digital notebook. Enjoy realistic inking and a fluid interface to make quick notes.

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